New Beginnings from an Ancient Past

Stork New Birth New Beginnings

“New Beginnings from an Ancient Past”

This is my painting to honor the 10 chakra. I chose to use the color gold as the background for my painting honoring the 10 chakra. I then used the colors of the other upper chakras as the overlay background. I then journeyed to the 10th chakra. I was quite surprised to find a stork living in my 10th chakra. In my second journey to the chakra I found an image of the Green Man, black panther, owl and the god Pan playing a reed flute. As I stared into the background I looked for places where it seemed that these images might live and allowed them to come onto the canvas. The Green Man and black panther and owl have been with me on this shamanic journey for several years. I met the black panther and the owl first in my dreams. They then showed up in my shamanic journeys and in my paintings. The Green Man first showed up in a collage that I did in response to a dream. Later he showed up in my paintings and became an archetypal force in my soul’s journey, connecting me to the Spirit in Nature as a divine light in matter, whether that matter be a stone, a tree, an organ in the body or any other form of matter.

The Stork is a new image for me. The Stork is the symbol of birth and unspoken communication, suggesting that finding Stork in my 10th chakra suggests a new beginning, a birth of something, a renewal or an awakening that is somehow connected to the universal flow of my soul’s energy and path. I call this painting “New Beginnings from an Ancient Past.”

There are some differences in the location, color and purpose of the 10th chakra. In some traditions the 10th chakra is called the Solar chakra. In this case it resides above the ninth chakra and its color is Gold. According to this tradition, the Solar chakra governs your ability to live your dreams and helps you to focus your will to remove blockages and give your existence purpose. (The Twelve Chakras, retrieved 4-30-18)

The 10th chakra is also considered your Universal Chakra. This chakra represents the universal aspects of being holding the idea that the “All That Is” is contained within one universal flow, and this chakra is the access point to that infinite flow of creation. When this chakra is activated you feel in close alignment to the Universe and All that Is. The pathway is paved for you to connect with the Divine light beings in the universe and to complete the alignment of your own Divine light body with your physical being. (12 Chakras!? Discover the Higher Chakras of Your Energy System, retrieved 04-30-18)

According to tradition, when the 10th chakra activated it allows for your Divine Merkaba light body to be fully constructed, allowing unlimited access to travel within the higher realms of spirit. Divine healing, balance and full access to the Divinity of your soul are possible with the activation of the 10th or your Universal chakra. (12 Chakras!? Discover the Higher Chakras of Your Energy System, retrieved 04-30-18)

In other traditions, the 10 chakra is located about a foot and a half below the surface of the ground. It ensures our connection with the earth. Because it works primarily with the energies of the earth, it is very physical in nature. It participates to our physical well-being and connects us to the grounding energies of the earth and our environment. Just like the first (or root) chakra, it is useful to heal any bone and bone marrow-related issues. It can also play a role in any DNA-related or hereditary issues. . (The Twelve Chakras, retrieved 4-30-18)

The images in this painting seem to connect to both ideas on the 10th chakra. One on hand the owl and the stork connect with the air and flight and suggest connection with the upper realms allowing me “access to travel within the higher realms of spirit” while the black panther, the Green Man and Pan connect with the earth, meadows and woodlands, “ensuring my connection to the Earth”. However, Pan’s flute also sends out energies across the airways via sound waves. So both the 10th chakra as the “solar Chakra” and as the Universal Chakra as well as an Earth chakra all seem to be represented in this painting. According to the traditions this connects me to the ability to live the dreams of my soul’s path.

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