“New Beginnings from an Ancient Past” This is my painting to honor the 10 chakra. I chose to use the color gold as the background for my painting honoring the 10 chakra. I then used the colors of the other upper chakras as the overlay background. I then journeyed to the 10th chakra. I was […]

Shamanism holds the belief that our energy body contains an archive of all of our personal and ancestral memories, of all early-life trauma, and even experiences from former lifetimes. This information is stored as “imprints” that when activated can influence our thoughts and behaviors even pulling us into experiences that repeat their stories. Andrea (not […]

I finished the paintings to honor the seven chakras housed in the body. My mind turned to the chakras outside the body, especially the 8th and 9th chakras that reside above the head. The color most associated with the 8th chakra is “ultraviolet.” Ultraviolet means “beyond violet”, which is the color of the highest frequencies […]

This is the 5th painting in a series of paintings that I’m calling the “Chakra Series.” I paint a canvas with the color of a one of the chakras, red, orange, yellow, green, indigo, violet or, in this case blue, the color of the 5th chakra. I then use all those colors and paint an […]

My paintings are a projective experience much like clinical psychology’s Rorschach test. I paint a background of an undefined and ambiguous scene. I then paint the images that I see emerging from this undefined space. As I interact with the images, painting them, amplifying them, dialoging with them, listening to their personal and archetypal meanings, […]

When a person dies the physical body is gone, usually cremated or buried. However, the energy body or soul may linger. Instead of moving on or “going into the light” some people become earthbound. There are reasons for this. Sometimes guilt, fear, unfinished business, confusion, or the grief or pull of family members left behind […]

I awakened with an urge, a kind of longing to journey into the realm of what the shaman calls “non-ordinary reality” to seek connection to what felt like split off and rejected parts of my soul. Perhaps the feeling was the residual effects of some forgotten dream in which these split off parts had made […]