While meditating today, I journeyed to the Place of the Hummingbird—a place my guides took me to in non-ordinary reality a few years ago. As I sat in the grasses by the edge of the lake that is there, I felt myself zooming in or else something zooming toward me. In any case the distance between […]

Power animals are central to the practice of shamanism. They serve as guardians, guides and helping spirits. Each animal has its own wisdom and medicine. In shamanic practice, a person may have 2 or 3 primary power animals with whom he or she tends to work. However, other animals may show up to bring us their particular wisdom and medicine […]

Shamanism believes that everyone has power animals. Power animals are helping and ministering spirits that guide, help, and protect us on our life paths. In the shamanic world view, everything is alive, vibrating with information, power and wisdom for the good of individuals, families, communities and nations. Power animals have their own unique medicine that they […]

Exploring the Meaning and Purpose of Tattooing By Sheldon Shalley, LCSW As I left a recent case conference with colleagues following a brief discussion about the possible meanings of a client’s tattoos, I see in my mind’s eye the body with hundreds of acupuncture points running along the meridians weaving together an energetic web that […]

“Symbols are everywhere, and everything that you experience mirrors a part of you . . . “ The Four Insights, Alberto Villoldo Recently I was in a case conference where a colleague expressed a growing frustration and anger toward a client who after 10 years of therapy had not made any significant movement or change. […]

Doom, Gloom and the Birth Process By Sheldon Shalley  Recently as I sat with a group of friends, listening to them provide their assessment of the current political, healthcare and world situation, I was struck by how the language of hopelessness, doom, gloom, pending disaster and a slide into socialism permeated the discussion. While one […]

By Sheldon Shalley The Dream In a recent review of my journal I came across the following dream. I have removed the names of persons in the dream other than myself for privacy and confidentiality. I dream that I am with “A”, “B”, “B”’s husband, “C” and “D”. We are in our new space which […]

“The moment one gives close attention to anything, even a blade of grass, it becomes a mysterious, awesome, indescribably magnificent world in itself”  (Henry Miller).1  On April 19, 2012, I am traveling south on highway 37 at about 5:35pm, heading home from work.  A Mr. Miller is traveling west on 128. He is stopped behind another […]

[In this Part 3 of “Projections as Doorways for Healing,” I’ve decided to deviate from Bob’s story as begun in Part 2 and share a piece of my personal journey with projections, whose underlying theme is actually very similar to Bob’s.] Within the psyche is a drive to become known.   In its desire to become […]

“In every culture and in every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy.”                                  Nobel Laureate in Medicine, Albert Szent-Gyorgyi Over the past twenty years there has been a growing interest in Shamanism and energy medicines as avenues for healing. In Part 1 of “Projections as Doorway for Healing” I suggest that many […]