Most remember Medusa as a monster with living venomous snakes in place of her hair who turned men into stone. As the story goes, Medusa was a handmaiden in Athena’s temple. Poseidon, the brother of Zeus and one of the twelve Olympians in ancient Greek religions and myth, saw Medusa. Overcome by her beauty, he […]

On November 8, my 75th birthday, I awakened with a strong desire to do a shamanic journey to Lake Titicaca and the Earth’s second Chakra. I put on my journey music, engaged my travel companions, Quetzalcoatl and my black panther cat, and requested that we journey to the Lake. Soon I was at the shores […]

As I continue to be sensitive to the flowers that attract my attention on my morning walks, I notice the white and blue Morning Glories peeking out from among the dark and tangle vegetation along my path. They are like a breath of fresh air pulling me into their simple beauty. And for a moment […]

“Everything in nature resonates with the force of the Divine spirit.” (Ted Andrews, Animal-Speak, 82) Each animal, plant, bird and stone has an energy blueprint that reflects this spirit in its own way. Thus, flowers have specific energy blueprints unique to that flower. The blueprint contains medicinal and healing properties that the flower gives to […]

Humans have been creating art for over 30,000 years. Caves in Southern France have revealed art depicting a variety of animals and symbols. One shows a dancing shaman wearing a buffalo robe and headdress, another with a combination of buffalo and human features, and a third of a dancing shaman with a beard and human […]

“Hidden Faces Longing for Light” Carl Jung said “one does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.” (CW13. Par. 335) Recently a friend was telling me about dark lonely place in him, a place that makes him feel insecure, a place that limits closeness and holds him back […]

“New Beginnings from an Ancient Past” This is my painting to honor the 10 chakra. I chose to use the color gold as the background for my painting honoring the 10th chakra. I then used the colors of the other upper chakras as the overlay background. I then journeyed to the 10th chakra. I was […]